Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Boho Side Braid Festival Hair Tutorial

With music festival season in full swing, everyone is scrambling to come up with their best look to stay stylish and comfy throughout their events. This bohemian braid is quick, chic, and easy to maintain around those wild crowds.

1. You’ll want to start with what I like to call “dirty” hair. Washing your hair the night before, rather than trying to style fresh locks, allows for more volume. 

2. Gather your bangs together, and start with a simple french braid down the side of your head. Continue on towards the back, where you’ll then secure the braid in place with a bobby pin.

3. Go to the opposite side of your head for the same concept, but twist the section of hair (and pin in the back) instead of braiding.

4. Before going to the next step, be sure that your bobby pins are tightly secured. 

5. Gather all of your hair together, slightly towards one side of your head, and finish with a fishtail braid.

6. Set the look with some hairspray and you’re good to go! 

Feel free to step this style up a notch by completing the look with a floral crown or headband. Happy hair-styling!

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Kaila Homes | Beauty Bartender

Kaila is a west coast wanderer nestled in the heart of Washington State. She describes herself as an online shopping extraordinaire, lover of life, and makeup hoarder. She also enjoys doing DIY projects, sharing a good laugh over coffee, and spending time with her daughter, Ava. You will most likely find Kaila behind a camera lens, exploring the great outdoors, or writing for her new lifestyle blog,
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