Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Know Before You Glow: How to Apply Self Tanner

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Once upon a time, I was a self tanner virgin. Nothing scared me more in the beauty world than being streaky and orange. However, after I received the Jergen’s Natural Glow Instant Sun Deep Bronze Sunless Tanning Mousse in an Influenster Vox Box, I threw my self tanner v-card out the window and never looked back. Today I will be sharing my step-by-step guide to self tanning, featuring this affordable, easy-to-use self tanner.

1. Before applying any self tanner, proper exfoliation is crucial. I use the Calgon Exfoliating Mineral Scrub and Soak, but just about any exfoliating body scrub will do the trick. 

2. After exfoliating the skin, it’s time to shave. I have extremely sensitive skin, and Gillette Satin Care for Sensitive Skin doesn’t cause any irritation for me. Needless to say, bumps and blotches are not a good thing when you are trying to achieve a smooth and seamless tan.

3. Now onto my favorite part of this routine, moisturizing. My sensitive skin loves this Jergen’s Deep Conditioning Shea Butter. It is extremely hydrating, and has very little fragrance. Make sure to really pack on the moisture over the drier parts of your skin, like elbows and knees. The self tanner will cling to those areas if they’re not hydrated enough, and all of that extra tanning product will make dry patches turn brown. Before continuing on to the next step, allow lotion to sit for 5 minutes.

4. The main event has arrived! I pair my tanning mousse with this tanning mitt from Ulta. It saves hands from those dreaded orange palms, and it is super easy to clean. Apply self tanner in circular motions all over the body, then allow the mousse to dry for at least 60 seconds before putting on some dark and oversized clothing. This will avoid stains while the tanner fully absorbs over the next few hours.

Enjoy your summer glow! If you have any other tips or tricks on self tanning, I'd love to hear them in the comments!

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Fallon Thompson | Beauty Bartender

Fallon is the forgotten Disney princess with a love of glitter, adventure and entrepreneurship. By day she works in the real estate business and by night she's a lifestyle blogger, a professional photographer in the Kansas City area, and a promoter of healthier living through Advocare. Above all she is a child of the King, a dreamer of big dreams and refuses to ever really grow up. 


  1. Great tips! I love the Tiki Beach candle-it's one of my Bath and Body favorites! :)

    1. Thanks Jackie! Oh my gosh, right!? I'm addicted. I probably have burned through 4 this summer ALONE.

  2. Oooh I must try that Jergens cream. I loooove Shea Butter!

    1. YES you have too. It totally changed my life! I switched over to it about 2 years ago and haven't looked back.

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