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10 Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

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During a recent power outage that lasted a little too long for comfort, I was desperately searching for ways to cool off in sweltering 90 degree weather. There is nothing worse than living in unbearable heat day and night without any relief. During this outage, I started thinking up creative ways to keep cool during Florida’s hot, humid months. My nightly gel moisturizer feels cool and soothing on application, so this got me thinking of other beauty tips and tricks to beat the heat this summer. Read on for all of my best hot-weather beauty hacks!

 The Hack: Refrigerator

1.  My nighttime face moisturizer goes on cool, so I decided to try stashing it in the fridge to really get it cold to the touch. Try putting your favorite face or eye cream in the refrigerator, and apply before bed for a cooling effect.

2. Freeze or chill aloe gel to apply on sunburned skin. The aloe has a natural soothing effect, and the extra cooling will help to ease the sting of a bad burn.

3. The fridge also works wonders in preventing bubbles from forming in your nail polish. Just a few hours in the cool air will ensure a smooth application.

4. Keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge, and mist your face to refresh after being outdoors. This not only cools your overall body temperature, but it also keeps your skin dewy and hydrated.

5.  An oldie, but goodie: stick melted lipstick in the fridge to reshape and harden a goopy mess.

The Hack: Deodorant

6. The last thing I want to do when it’s hot outside is heat style my hair. To keep it a sweat-free affair, apply a bit of deodorant on your neck. This will repel sweat and keep you cool as a cucumber during your blowout. 

7. A little deodorant goes a long way for areas that chafe due to extra sweat— I’m talkin’ to you, thighs!

8. Deodorant can also help to combat a shiny face. Simply dab a little on your finger, and blot at your t-zone or hairline to stay sweat-free.

The Hack: Water or Ice

9.  Rub an ice cube on your face before applying makeup. According to skincare experts, it helps to refresh skin, improve circulation, and prime pores before makeup application.

10. Make a cooling face mist by steeping green tea bags in chilly water for 2 hours, and then pouring it into a spray bottle.

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   Jackie Gill | Beauty Bartender

Jackie is an aspiring blogger living in the sunshine state. In addition to a career in the health and fitness industry, she has started a lifestyle blog, Fresh Fit Florida, to help inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. When she's not logging lots of miles training for her first full marathon, you can find Jackie enjoying the beautiful Florida weather, shopping for new beauty products, and spending time with her husband and puppy, Macy.


  1. Ooh great tips! I especially will have to do that with my melted lipsticks!!

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