Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Graceful In Gray: How to Rock the Gray Hair Trend

Image Source: LeColoriste

I’ve always been one of those gals who danced to the beat of her own drum, but something about turning 24 really pushed me over the edge into who I want to be. Within a months time, I pierced my septum, shaved half of my head, and dyed my hair gray. And my personal style is transforming along with my beauty routine on a daily basis. So today I've decided to share some tips on how to gracefully transition into the grey (or any other crazy color). 

Be Bold
Sister, you just dyed your entire head grey. Now is not the time for simple looks. My favorite thing about makeup is the artistic expression behind it. Wing that liner a little longer or rock that dark lipstick in honor of that bold new you.

      Make your eyes smolder
The very first makeup look I did with my grey hair was a smoky eye. I was stupid nervous, mostly because I was afraid that the darkness of my hair (and lipstick– I was wearing Sin by MAC) would be overload. Boy oh boy was I wrong!

Switch up your contour
If you look up “grunge makeup” on Pinterest, you’ll see that matte contour rules the grunge world. I always went for a warmer contour because I had blonde/brunette hair. However, this matte contour has really changed my makeup game. Plus, if you’re heavy handed with your contour (guilty), it’s a lot easier to buff out your mistakes.

I want to hear about your hair raising adventures! (see what I did there!?) Leave your hair stories or inspiration in the comments below!

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Fallon Thompson | Beauty Bartender

Fallon is the forgotten Disney princess with a love of glitter, adventure and entrepreneurship. By day she works in the real estate business and by night she's a lifestyle blogger, a professional photographer in the Kansas City area, and a promoter of healthier living through Advocare. Above all she is a child of the King, a dreamer of big dreams and refuses to ever really grow up. 


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