Wednesday, October 21, 2015

DIY Pumpkin Body Scrub

Whatever you do, don't start making this pumpkin body scrub while hungry. Not only does it have great nourishing properties for the body, it smells so delicious that you may just want to take a bite! The tasty ingredients include pumpkin puree, brown sugar, cinnamon and coconut oil. 

Although this scrub is perfect for the Fall, we all know that keeping our body silky smooth is a must, all year round. Whether we’re prepping and exfoliating our skin for that perfect tan, or sloughing away that dry winter skin, body scrubs are always the perfect solution.

The Benefits:
Pumpkin has many great nutrients that naturally exfoliate the skin. Fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids will promote skin cell turnover that helps smooth and brighten the skin. Pumpkin is also high in antioxidants, Vitamin A and C.

Cinnamon helps blood flow, bringing oxygen and blood to the surface to invigorate the skin for a closer shave. Also high in antioxidants, cinnamon will help soften dry and dull skin while also keeping breakouts away.

Coconut oil is another ingredient that is high in antioxidants. It’s chemical free, lightly scented, and provides all the moisture your skin needs after exfoliating the dead skin cells away.

Brown sugar is a gentle way to cleanse the skin. It is also high in glycolic acid, which helps moisturize and protect the skin.

What you'll need:

½ cup of pumpkin puree.
(I used organic puree, just to be more on the natural side since we are using this on our skin.)

¾ cup of brown sugar.
(I added more to my mixture for extra exfoliation.)

½ cup of coconut oil

½ teaspoon of cinnamon

Mix all the ingredients together gently, so that the sugar does not dissolve.

That's all there is to it! Transfer your pumpkin scrub into a sealed jar or container, and enjoy!

If you try this at home, we would love to hear how it turned out!

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Brittany Lima | Beauty Bartender

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  1. How long can this scrub be kept before you have to toss it? Or does it have to be refrigerated?

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  4. Great topic. Never heard about pumpkin scrub really very informative. Can't wait to buy this.
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