Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall in Love with Essence

See what I did there? It’s Fall! It’s always fun when the seasons change. Our moods change. The beauty around us changes. Our makeup changes. Today, we’re going to dive into some new-ish products from Essence.

This season, the trend is matte, light, and airy. Recently, I came across these lovely gems! Clearly, it was imperative that I try them immediately. 

I also may have found my new holy grail item.

Disclaimer: I have very oily skin. It’s not a little oily, it’s a grease slick. No product has ever been able make my face completely matte. I won’t lie, it’s disappointing.

‘All About Matte’ Oil Control Primer, Oil-free Foundation, and the Mattifying Powder 
I used all three. And I’m ridiculously impressed. It’s actually really hard to contain my excitement. These products give me beautiful, natural looking coverage. It’s not flat, it stayed put, and didn’t break up on me throughout the day. And the biggest surprise of all they actually kept me matte! All. Day. What?!  

The only con is that, because the combination of these three is so mattifying, the powder does set into any fine lines or wrinkles. Nonetheless, this is my new holy grail foundation combination. After years of searching, I’m amazed to say I think I found my miracle product combination.

Big Bright Eyes Nude Highlighter
This product faded quickly as a highlighter on my cupids bow, but yet stayed strong as a highlighter on my eyebrows and on my inner lid. It is super creamy and applies like a dream. It is very light, perfect for my light skin tone. However, the blendability is not the greatest on top of the All About Matte Primer. It has average staying power. 

Effect Eye Pencils 
These pencils are super creamy and pigmented, which means that they apply like a dream. They don’t quite compare to the staying power of my waterproof Rimmel or UD pencils, but they're great for the price.

Gel Effect Eye Pencils
I bought the dark grey and dark blue. They’re are essentially the same as the Effect Pencils, but with more staying power. I do like these, and am using them regularly.

Blush Up Powder Blush
I don’t understand the ombre effect in these. It seems redundant and pointless. However, it is a pretty product! Yup, that’s all it takes. I’m easy. Both of the shades I purchased give a subtle pop of bright color to the cheeks, though the pigmentation can be too much if you try adding more. You don’t want to be heavy handed with these, but I like them. The color is pretty and it lasts. That's all you can ask for in a blush.

I <3 Stage Eyeshadow Base 
I need good primers for my eyeshadows. This is a base, but it also offers oil control. Overall, I really like the results. I find my shadow is staying put, and looking vibrant.

I must admit I’m surprised at how much I’m loving this lot. I’d love to hear about your favorites from the Essence product lineup! 

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Miki Nyckel | Beauty Bartender

Miki is a cheerful, gracious, perfectly imperfect Mom of one pre-teen boy, and two pups. She enjoys law enforcement, fitness, and all things beauty. Her first career was as a cosmetician, being trained by several mainstays in the industry. Hailing from Canada, Miki brings a northern perspective to The Beauty Bar.

Twitter: @mys2theT | Instagram: @mykynyky


  1. I love the I heart Stage eye shadow base! I would say its as good as benefit stay don't stray!

  2. I loved the product and the colors are amazing. I would like to include in my makeup kit.

    Aliceie uses from revitol anti-aging cream

  3. I have always been a big fan of Benefit products but this one was a letdown.Thats why I am having Dermology anti aging kit for my skin to eliminate all signs of aging.

  4. Nice products. Before putting up makeup. I like to use dermology anti aging cream to make my skin oil free and nourished. However, I am going to use these makeup products this summer.

  5. You can protect and cleanse your skin at the same time. Dermatologist do suggest to switch your nightly cleanser for water or heavy duty oil to take care of soot or debris.

    Evie@lifecell all-in-one skin cream

  6. Hey! Loved the product. Would like to include in my makeup kit. Also, this may make my skin supple and beautiful.

    melissa@dermology stretch mark cream reviews

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