Monday, October 5, 2015

Nail Polish Trends You Need to Try This Fall

Playing with nail polish trends is always fun, but I tend to favor Fall colors a bit more. I just love all of the rich, deep tones that go hand in hand with this time of year. Some of the top nail color trends this Fall are warm neutrals, deep reds, and metallics.

In the spirit of these Fall statement shades, here are some of my nail polish picks for this season:

 I love a little sparkle in my life, so I have been obsessed with the metallic trend that happening right now in beauty. You can wear shimmery and metallic polishes on their own, or pair them with a darker color for more of a dramatic look.

Julep – Sienna: A shimmery gold that works well alone, or gives another color some sparkle.
Lise Watier – Topaz: A glistening metallic topaz that is standalone opaque. 
L’Oreal – Stroke of Midnight: A shimmery midnight blue.

If you're not looking to make such a bold statement, muted purple polish is a great option for Fall. Shades with a hint of gray are classy, understated, and appropriate for every occasion. 

Julep – Gabrielle: A smoky light purple that works as a neutral.
Essie – Under the Twilight: A dark shade of plum.
Essie – Chinchilly: A medium gray with a hint of purple.

In my opinion, vampy red nails are just as classic as the red lip. They are the perfect cross between bold and elegant, making them an ideal look throughout the Fall season. 

Essie – Wicked: A very dark, vampy red.
Julep – Ilga: A deep shade of wine.

What is your go-to nail color for Fall? I'd love to hear all your favorites in the comments!

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Valeska Mengert | Beauty Bartender

Valeska is a small town girl currently living in the (Canadian) big city. When she's not immersed in everything make-up related, she can be found out for a run, or spending time with friends and family. She enjoys all things caffeinated, leopard print, and glittery.


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