It’s that time of year again, when the sun shines in all its radiance and beauty. However, the sun is harmful to our own beauty. As much as we may covet those tan lines from our itty-bitty bikinis, that short-term glow can cause serious long-term damage.  But this is nothing new, right? Nothing we don’t already know. We have been told time and time again that those UV rays are damaging, especially with a thinning ozone layer. We’ve been told to watch our sun exposure, especially from 10 am to 3 pm. And we have definitely been told to wear sunscreen every single day.

You may be one of the many who drop by the lotions section at your grocery store and pick up a can or bottle of sunscreen without a second glance. “It’s just sunscreen, right? It’ll be good for my skin.” But the truth is, all sunscreens are not created equal. What if there are some sunscreens that are a better fit for your skin and protect you in the best way possible?

Your skin is what you live with every day, and it is more important than ever to keep it looking its best. However, not all skin is the same. We have fair skin, dark, sensitive skin, allergies, age spots, the list goes on and certainly has the potential to be somewhat overwhelming. Don’t worry girlfriend, here are some tips to help you choose, with some examples of what can benefit you the most in today’s sun-protecting market.

1. Think About Your Lifestyle

Are you an active person? Do you work indoors all day? Do you do a lot of driving? Think about your day-to-day interactions with the sun, and consider the SPF coverage necessary to provide adequate protection. If you spend your summers out in the sun and on the water, you’d benefit from a waterproof sports sunscreen, like COOLA Sport Classic Sunscreen. If you live a very active life, perhaps you could use a lightweight under-foundation SPF, like Estēe Lauder Daywear UV Defense SPF +50. A quick answer, and you are well on your way to protecting your skin the best way possible for your lifestyle.

2. Assess Your Skin Tone

Are you porcelain skinned? The best one I have found as a fair skinned gal myself who wears sunscreen religiously, is Avène High Protection Mineral Cream 50+ SPF. This protecting cream is fantastic for year-round use, and also works great on sensitive skin like mine. If I was stranded on an island and I could have one thing with me, it would undoubtedly be this sunscreen.

3. Sun Spots

Do you have sun spots already? Fend off any more and subtly hide the ones you have with a tinted formula, like SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50. The tint will blend with any skin tone, and works well either under or over makeup.

4. Acne Issues

We all wish there was a cure for acne. But in the meantime, the last thing those who struggle with acne want is to put on a greasy sunscreen that clogs pores. Neutrogena has heard our pleas, and has answered with their Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid-Lotion Sunblock SPF 30. You won’t be disappointed. This sunscreen is affordable and easily available at most drugstores.

5. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin often means blotches, rashes, and even itching. Blah! Vanicream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum for Sensitive Skin SPF 50+ is water resistant, non-comedogenic, and even gluten-free.  It’s free of common chemical irritants, oil free, preservative-free, and definitely dermatologist recommended. Sounds like a win to me!

With these steps, tips, and your own answers to the question above, finding a sunscreen that is right for you should be easy-peasy. The sun is relentless, but we can be as well. Take the extra step to put on your sunscreen every day. Don’t forget your hands, which are directly in the sun when driving, as well as your ears, neck, and lips. These are actually some of the thinnest layers of skin, and therefore need the most attention.

It is also important to remember to reapply your sunscreen every two hours. Use a whole shot glass full of lotion in order to get the most out of your protective layer. If you add sunscreen to your everyday routine, your future self will come back in a 1986 Delorean with some crazy white haired guy, and give you one big hug.

Now go out and enjoy the weather! The sun is waiting for you.

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