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Over the past few months, the beauty bartenders have provided some wonderful guides and product recommendations for self-tanning. Today, I’d like to share a few additional tricks to help you get the most out of that healthy summer tan. Follow these tips to further the longevity of your faux glow!

  1. Do not use oils on your skin. I know, this is a bummer. Unfortunately, oil-based products will make your color fade much faster. Instead, keep your skin hydrated with a light, oil-free lotion.
  2. Apply Vaseline to your knees, feet, elbows, and ankles before using a self-tanner. These areas absorb product much more than average, which often leads to a patchy, uneven tan.
  3. Use a fine spray mist tanner for those hard to reach places on your body, like your back.
  4. Its no secret that you need to exfoliate before you tan. I’ve found that the best pre-tan exfoliator is just some used coffee grounds, All you need to do is mix them with a body wash. Or for the most effective dead skin sloughing experience, use them alone with water.
  5. Did your tan leave you with orange palms or a streaky surface? Try baking soda and lemon. Or if you want to wash off your tan immediately, use one of those bar soaps you find at a hotel. It may sound strange, but I always take them with me. After applying my tan, I wash my hands with the hotel soap, and it cleans off any excess product perfectly.

Did I miss any of your favorite tips for self-tanning? I’d love to hear all of your tricks in the comments section!

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