I know I speak for everyone on The Beauty Bar team when I say— the weeks leading up to this launch have been filled with an increasing level of excitement and anticipation. We have set lofty goals for ourselves, and achieving these goals will be no small undertaking. You see, we do not want to be just another beauty blog. We want to be a community. A place for all women to share their unique insights on beauty, and to grow in their own experience and knowledge.
Our team of contributors— beauty bartenders as we like to affectionately call them, each bring their own distinct voice. Some are industry professionals, while others are simply spectators. Some hail from the west, while others call the east coast their home. Some are seasoned bloggers, while others are just getting started. However, the one thing that unites our contributors is their passion for all things beauty.
Here at The Beauty Bar, you can expect to find tutorials, reviews, DIYs, curated collections, editorials, advice, and so much more. The most important piece of our content, however, is you. The Beauty Bar thrives on community engagement and conversation. In order to have truly candid, ground-breaking discussion, we need you to talk back.
Just like your local bar serves as a place for the community to get together, The Beauty Bar aims to bring together an online community of enthusiastic individuals to make beauty fun and accessible. I hope you’ll stay tuned as we strive towards this ideal.

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