Once upon a time, there was a girl who thought using any mascara was fine. That there were no worries to be had with using just any mascara at all to make her lashes appear longer, fuller, and more lustrous. Then one day a fairy godmother surprised her with Diorshow Extase Mascara, and since then, she has lived happily ever after.

Now what this dear fairy godmother did not tell her, was that she did not need to spend $30 on her prized mascara every three months. She could indeed find another quality mascara to give her the same sha-zam look and feel at a cheaper price. What is this lovely cheaper-but-not-sacrificing-quality-mascara you ask? Why, it could only be…

CoverGirl’s LashBlast Volume Mascara!

At only $8, this girl, (okay, okay, you know it’s me), was completely impressed. Picture me in my bathroom with 10 drugstore mascaras scattered across the counter with a notebook in hand jotting down notes. What’s really a hoot, is seeing one eye and lashes with one mascara and the difference with the other eye and lashes with a different mascara.  Oh dear, oh my. However, I definitely came to a favorite by using this tactic.

This little orange tube is now going to save me $88 a year. That’s $32 a year for CoverGirl compared to $120 for Diorshow. And for something I use religiously, this makes me smile from ear to ear. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my Diorshow. It has treated me very well and checked all the boxes that a great mascara should check. It was very black, lightweight, didn’t clump, and gave me an instant change to my look. (I look like a ghost when I don’t wear mascara, so I really appreciate the eye-pop.) So, these qualities were very important to me in choosing a new BARgain choice.

With LashBlast, I do feel like it’s necessary to add on multiple layers to get the effect I want. However, the time it takes to apply a couple coats is more than worth it. Plus, the bright orange tube makes digging through your makeup bag a snap! If you’re still a little skeptical, why not try it for yourself? Feel free to use my Jekyll and Hyde eye vs. eye method in finding a worthy mascara.  Overall, a Beauty BARgain success!

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Whitney Hoy | Beauty Bartender

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