“Last night a DJ saved my life” … have you heard that song? It’s a dance song from the 90s. When I think of this mascara, I sing it,  but I sing, “last night this mascara saved my life!” Isn’t that being just a bit dramatic, you ask? Not even remotely.  This mascara is chock full of drama!

Oh, you meant me. Well, I stand by it. I have spent 20 years trying to make my lashes look this good. I’ve finally achieved that enviable length and volume with a regular mascara that I can just whip on every day.

What is this life-changingly good mascara, you ask? It is…



It’s not as much the formula,  as it is the instructions and the wand. It’s all about how you apply it. This wand has remarkably changed my mascara application, and I don’t think I could ever go back.

I have relatively short, straight lashes. Many times I’ve just skipped mascara, because it is almost a waste of effort. Before this miracle mascara, the only way I could get that major drama with a mascara was with fibers. However, those take time that I don’t feel like spending every day. Enter Lancôme Grandiose, and I can achieve dramatic, look-at-me lashes, for the first time in my life.

Lancôme mascaras are all exceptionally high quality. Lancôme is always my go-to for mascara, because their formulas hold a curl better than any other. Even more so now that they’ve combined their fabulous formula with this new creation.



See that wand? It’s wonderful. It enables you to pick up the tiniest lashes and pull them out and up. And you don’t just swipe up. You swipe the wand to the side. You can maneuver this wicked wand up, down, to the side, and essentially any other direction you’d like. It comes with instructions, which you must read. It’s a very special wand. That’s where the magic happens.

Now, I push my eyelashes to the side and out. This gives me the volume and length that I’ve always desired. Though, I  confess, I’ve actually started using this method with other mascaras, and I am loving it as well.

Now you understand why this mascara is worthy of such a dramatic statement!



The photo above is really great length and definition for me. While this isn’t much for some, I know, this is outstanding for me. Now what are you waiting for? Get out there and try it! I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

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Miki Nyckel | Beauty Bartender
Miki is a cheerful, gracious, perfectly imperfect Mom of one pre-teen boy, and two pups. She enjoys law enforcement, fitness, and all things beauty. Her first career was as a cosmetician, being trained by several mainstays in the industry. Hailing from Canada, Miki brings a northern perspective to The Beauty Bar.
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