Flash tattoos, a temporary metallic body art, have been taking social media by storm lately. If you’ve somehow missed this trend, simply search the hashtag #flashtattoo or #flashtat on Instagram, and you will find over 162,000 posts. While it may seem impossible to pull off flash tattoos like those effortlessly chic girls on Instagram, this new trend is surprisingly easy to work into your personal style. Here’s how to wear the shimmering summer statement for any occasion:

Flash tattoos are the perfect accessory to tag along on all of your summer adventures. I love this trend, because it is such a fun way to mix things up and add a temporary pop to your summer style. As summer heats up, I have been adding these to my beauty routine for upcoming weekend getaways and pool days. I love applying one to an area that will be visible in my warm weather wardrobe. The fun thing about flash tats is that you can wear them subtly, or in a way that seriously turns some heads.
While you can pick up flash tattoos at essentially any major retail or beauty store, you can score the originals online at ShopBop.

For a subtle look:

•   For an understated style, I like to stack my flash tats with a few bangles on my wrists. It adds some depth to the classic look of layered bracelets, but doesn’t weigh you down.
•   Apply a flash tattoo to a finger you’d normally wear a ring on. It’s a fun twist on the classic ring.
•   Stick a tattoo on your bare shoulder when wearing a strappy tank or dress for an eye-catching look.

For something more bold:

•   If you’d like your flash tattoos to make more of a statement, make sure to apply the design to an area that isn’t covered by clothing. I love positioning one so it shows through a cutout tank or under a crop top.
•   Apply a wide-band tattoo as an anklet.


For a major statement:

•   I absolutely love pairing my flash tattoos with a bathing suit. Nothing says vacation like the beach, your best swimwear, and this fun trend.
•   Use a thick band tattoo as an arm cuff.
•   Wear a few necklace tattoos for a layered look, or choose a thick necklace to really make a statement.
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Jackie Gill | Beauty Bartender
Jackie is an aspiring blogger living in the sunshine state. In addition to a career in the health and fitness industry, she has started a lifestyle blog, Fresh Fit Florida, to help inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. When she’s not logging lots of miles training for her first full marathon, you can find Jackie enjoying the beautiful Florida weather, shopping for new beauty products, and spending time with her husband and puppy, Macy.

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